It seems the Electoral College was never anything like what the Founding Fathers hoped. A Mr. Putney writing a very good book on the Constitution in 1908 said that no clause in the Constitution played out less like it was intended than the EC. I agree, and it's a problem. It seems they really wanted a bunch of select individuals to convene to arbitrarily select the best possible President on the merits. The Electoral College immediately succumbed to that scourge of all republican governments, well-known to the Founding Fathers at the time, faction. Political parties. Which may have been exactly what they were trying to avoid.

Thus the Electoral College has been a failure since George Washington decided to retire, at which point parties emerged and diverged.

The Electoral College is about as popular as avian flu, but getting rid of it means a major re-work of the Constitution. As such, the EC was a big impetus in me going whole-hog with this Amendment thing. If we're going to go the Amendment route, might as well really clean house.

Since we're tossing the current non-system, we aren't stuck with any part of it. A very simple improvement over one-man-one-vote allows the voter to express his wishes much better. One-man-one-vote-per-candidate is also called "approval voting". This eliminates the problem of a tightly coherent minority prevailing over a loose bunch of other minorities that are all actually preferable to the majority than the tight minority. It let's you in effect vote for "anyone but Reagan" for example. It keeps Nader from putting Bush in office. Or Perot from putting Clinton in office. It allows the people to express their actual will significantly better than one-man-one-vote.

Overall, this new regime gives a voter a much wider federal statement, without running to State-like elections of every position you can imagine. You can vote for one or several of the candidates for President, Senator at Large, Senator, Representative at Large, and Representative. And the Senator and Senator at Large are in every 2 year cycle.