Senators and Reps actually work for their constituents, not the federal government. So let their constituents pay them. Congress should make enough to function well on legal pay, not counting election expenses. They don't.

Paying people way less than they are worth is an elitist scam. This is why the people that always bitch about Congressional pay are the far right. They know what the scam is. You only get people that can afford to work for free. And who would that be? Who's actually paying for them? This is the scam Carl Lewis destroyed in track and field. It's alive and well in the federal government, and needs to die. You don't always get what you pay for, but you never get what you don't pay for, and that's what we're getting in DC. Something somebody else paid for. Something that is ignoring its constituents. Pay them.

There's a charming historical precedent for this; the original US Articles of Confederation. States paid their representation. That document gives a lot of valuable context on the current Constitution.