I was on the fence about this for a long time, and then I saw that Maryland has it at 3/5 already. Further, the Maryland constitution has some very explanatory text. The real purpose of a veto isn't to give the President huge legislative power, it's to keep the legislature from harassing him, while he acts as the EXECUTIVE. Not the legislature.

In general, the Executive and the Legislature overlap too much in the USA. The reverse of giving the President less legislative power is to give him more latitude on executive appointments, which I also do. This should eliminate Senate harassment of the executive on the executive's own people. In general, all three branches spend way to much time being all three branches, particularly executive and legislative. This is about restoring the division of labor.

Adam Smith says in line one or so of "Wealth of Nations" that the division of labor is the genesis of all material wealth. This is why we don't live in pure democracies, even with the Internet. You don't want to work like a US Representative just to maintain your citizenship. Representative government is a division of labor. Public servants are exactly that. SO, we see that the division of labor is real important in government. Ending Senate harrassment of executive appointees is part of that. Senators need to find productive things to do, or go home, not harrass the President. Congress work like mad dogs and most Members will tell you they don't accomplish anything useful. Restoring the division of labor between branches might help restore productivity. And that might catch on. Right here in River City.