The Senate is a stodgy bunch. This is a cautious 2% move toward less provinciality. Wyoming, with less population than DC, will still have 3 Senators, but at least 3 of the others will be ostensibly thinking about the good of the whole country.

Most lefties want to abolish the Senate. The Founders knew what they were doing here. The defense against a stupid Senate is, don't have too centralized a government, which is what we have, which is why the Senate is so annoying. And honestly, they really do seem like the grownups compared to the House on a fairly regular basis. SOo, i think a 2% de-regionalization is worth doing, and see how it goes.

But, by the way, lose the filibuster. It's an ugly remnant of the Civil War. The minority's right in a democracy is to be heard, or leave, not to shut the joint down.