I don't mess with how Congress works much, but this is pretty original. Other things like at-large reps are commonplace, but this idea crawled into my head from nowhere.

The object of this is to provide a sharp disincentive for vote suppression. Pretty slick, eh?

You still need the census though, for general purposes, including having some idea of how you'e doing in, say, Delaware, in terms of getting your maximum representatives from your vote-entitled population.

It bears mention in here that the Advocary College will take over the task of setting Congressional district boundaries. Topic 6.

Sept. 11, actually, 2011
I find in reading "Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments" that this idea is highly, embarrassingly un-original. Words to this effect are in the Fourteenth Amendment. However, that didn't just index Congressional representation to voter turnout. If it had, it might have worked. What actually happened was poll taxes and literacy tests. This way, those would have cost those States seats in the House. So, I'm still original.