Ever read PL 107-243 ? Absolute crap. People that vote for such things need to stay out of politics. People like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Kerry, Jack Murtha, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer...

Remember Clinton talking about that call at 3 AM, and her experience? Her experience became grounds to get out of politics when she voted for PL 107-243, which she had several afternoons to think about.

It didn't take any courage to vote for PL 107-243. It took courage to vote against it. America needs more courage. Have the courage to reward the people who showed courage in the face of Bush arm-tristing towards war. Sign my petition.

This is simply a matter of holding elected officials to the same standards as managers of fast-food restaurants. You can't manage a Burger Czar if you let people have what they want because they're angry and inarticulate.