This is one they missed in the Bill of Rights. Specie rights.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, in addition to assassinating JFK, confiscated everybody's gold. That must never happen again.

There's 3 kinds of money: pre-money, natural money, and funny money. Pre-money is barter. Natural money is specie. Funny-money is also what the Founding Fathers called "bank paper". Use of the first two types of money, and possession of them, must be a well-protected right.

As President, I will order the minting of coins explicitly for use as natural money, with no dollar denomination on the coin, just the coin's minted weight and purity (and LIBERTY and USA). I'm thinking of North American flora and fauna themes, like copper would be wildflowers, silver would be ungulates (deer, sheep, bison...), and gold would be, uh, uh, food plants. Or something like that.

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