Roe v. Wade was incorrectly decided, and poorly explained. Life begins when your mother says it begins.

Do we go with the Rabbi, the Pastor, the Pope, or the guru as to the question of when life begins? In a secular democracy, the moral authority on this is the woman in question.

In Roe, the Court left some mess about viability. That is a very subjective thing. Viable to be a what? Leave it to the mother, for nine months. [Oct 2011] A woman disagreed with me on this, so I changed it. And at six months, it's not so antagonistic to existing law, I guess.

The point of putting this in the Constitution isn't to move the line for when abortions are acceptable, but to eliminate the far-right practice over the last couple decades of putting incompetent Catholic males on the Court in the hope that they'll overturn Roe.